Disgraced former FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke has had his ban reduced from 12 years to 10 ©Getty Images

Disgraced former FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke has had his ban for a series of ethics breaches reduced from 12 years to 10 by the Appeals Committee, it was announced today.

South Korea's Chung Mong-joon, a former vice-president of the governing body, has also had his suspension from world football cut from six to five years.

FIFA have also decided to halve his fine from CHF100,000 (£79,000/$103,000/€92,000) to CHF50,000 (£39,000/$51,000/€46,000).

The news comes despite Valcke's alleged involvement in a bonus scheme along with Markus Kattner and Sepp Blatter, which revealed the trio had awarded themselves a combined total of $80 million (£61 million/€72 million) in pay rises and tournament-related bonuses over a five-year period.

The revelations were uncovered by FIFA's lawyers Quinn Emanuel, who said some of the contracted payments are in breach of Swiss law and "warrant considerable further investigation", including handing over the evidence to Swiss and American prosecutors.

Blatter, Valcke and Kattner gave themselves a combined CHF23 million (£18 million/$24 million/€21 million) in December 2010 following the World Cup in South Africa that year, which was approved "apparently without an underlying contract provision stipulating such bonuses".

The information from FIFA's law firm also shows Valcke, who attended a hearing with the Appeals Committee on June 24, and Kattner were awarded a combined CHF14.4 million (£11.3 million/$14.8 million/€13.2 million) following the 2014 tournament in Brazil.

Kattner was sacked in May for financial irregularities.

Former President Blatter is currently serving a six-year ban after his suspension was cut in February.

Valcke, appointed as Blatter's number two in 2007 and was sacked in January of this year, was banned after he was found to be in breach of several ethics regulations, including offering and accepting gifts and other benefits, conflicts of interest and confidentiality.

Former FIFA vice-president Chung Mong-joon has had his ban cut from six to five years ©Getty Images
Former FIFA vice-president Chung Mong-joon has had his ban cut from six to five years ©Getty Images

The 55-year-old attempted to grant the television and marketing rights in the Caribbean for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, due to be held in Russia and Qatar respectively, to a third party for well below their value.

Other allegations levelled at the Frenchman included that he "deliberately tried to obstruct the ongoing proceedings against him by attempting to delete or deleting several files and folders relevant to the investigation".

He was also allegedly involved in selling World Cup tickets for five times their face value and abused his expenses by travelling "purely for sightseeing reasons".

The Investigatory Chamber of the Ethics Committee had suggested he be banned for eight years but their Adjudicatory Chamber counterparts have opted to hand him a lengthier suspension from the sport, indicating the severity of the offences committed.

"The FIFA Appeal Committee considered that mitigating factors had not been fully assessed by the Adjudicatory Chamber with regard to Mr Valcke’s attempt to grant TV and media rights in the Caribbean for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups to a third party for a fee far below their actual market value," a FIFA statement read.

Chung, 63, was found guilty of infringing FIFA Ethics rules related to conduct, confidentiality, disclosure and collaboration following reports into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid processes and was suspended for six years in October.

The multi-billionaire, controlling shareholder of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, parent of the world's largest shipbuilding company, claimed that FIFA had not given him a "reasoned decision" for the ban.

Chung did not attend any hearing and the decision was therefore based on the "original case file".