By Duncan Mackay in Singapore
British Sports Internet Writer of the Year

August 24 - Girls boxing could be introduced at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics Games in Nanjing after the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) said they wanted it added to the programme.

The programme for the inaugurual Games, currently being held in Singapore, is almost a mirror image of that due to be held at London in 2012 but giris boxing was not included.

Women's boxing was only officially added to the programme for London by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last year but C.K Wu, the President of the AIBA, wants it included for the next Youth Games.

"I will be talking to the International Olympic Committee to urge it to include girls in the boxing contest at the next Youth Olympics," said Wu.

"I strongly believe everyone has the right to participate.

"And in this regard, I feel we must have a girls' boxing competition in the next Games."

Boxing for girls operates under strict rules in Britain with fighters only able to compete against opponents within 12 months of their age and no more than three kilos heavier or lighter.

The amount of girls who fight competitively is still relatively small.

But the National Women and Girls’ Boxing Development Strategy 2008-2013, launched two years ago by the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE), set the "goal of being a world class provider of boxing for women and girls", including offering more opportunities.

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