Rome 2024 have held a meeting with start-up businesses to evaluate projects which may boost the bid ©Getty Images

Rome 2024 has held a meeting with the Tech StartupRoma as they seek to encourage start-up business to discover technological ideas which would be useful to their bid to stage the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Held at the headquarters of TimWorkingCapita, Telecom Italia’s innovation programme which selects and finances digital startups, the meeting assessed four projects.

A bed and care plan was one of the start-ups put forward, with the proposition to create an application which is claimed would support accessible tourism, while offering support and professional services to the disabled and the elderly.

The creator of Pedius displayed their mobile application which uses speech recognition technologies to enable deaf people to make regular phone calls, both to landline and mobile phones.

Scooterino presented an application which allows the public to receive and offer rides scooters around the city, while the company Moovenda showed their product which enables people to order food for deliveries.

Monica Lucarelli, who is in charge of education, social and territorial programmes at Rome 2024, claimed the bid displays the importance of technical innovation.

“The IoT-Internet of Things is changing the way of living worldwide and will also change international events like the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he said.

“We want to use the opportunity of our bid to boost the creative industries and the startups of the territory.”

Nineteen project proposals have been submitted to Rome 2024
Nineteen project proposals have been submitted to Rome 2024 ©Rome 2024

A call for ideas, which the University of Tor Vergata dedicated to its researchers, has now been closed following the meeting.

The call was aimed at encouraging researchers to develop products or innovative process which would work well within the themes of a Rome 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A total of 19 project proposals were submitted, with a commission of experts from the academic, business and financial sectors now set to evaluate the entries.

The project is aimed at promoting economic development in Rome, while helping with the creation of enterprises.

The selected ideas will be pitched to Rome 2024 at a special event at the headquarters of LuissEnlabs, one of the leading startup accelerators in Italy, on April 11.

Rome is competing with Budapest, Los Angeles and Paris for the right to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024.

The International Olympic Committee  is due elect a host at its Session in Peru's capital Lima next year.