The World Flying Disc Federation has signed a new deal with ERIC ©ERIC

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has signed up cancer charity Early Recognition Is Critical (ERIC) as its first formal "Spirit of the Game" partner.

ERIC has already worked extensively with the sport, including teaching American youngsters about cancer symptoms and the importance of healthy living through Ultimate Frisbee clinics.

Youngsters are taught they need to speak up if they notice cancer-related symptoms, in the same way they would if they get fouled in a match.

Spirit of the Game is a key concept of flying disc sports, with the concepts of knowing the rules, avoiding body contact, enjoying playing, being fair minded and communicating respectively promoted and highly encouraged.

As part of the one-year partnership, ERIC will contribute resources to the WFDF, to raise the visibility of Spirit of the Game at this year’s World Championships in London.

The charity will also support a Spirit of the Game conference at the World Junior Championships in Poland.

"Spirit of the Game" is an important part of flying disc sports ©Getty Images

“We are pleased to introduce our first formal Spirit of the Game partner,” said Robert Rauch, WFDF President.

"ERIC is a somewhat unique partner as they are a charitable organisation that uses Ultimate clinics for youth to promote cancer awareness and healthy living.

"WFDF continues to look for ways to promote Spirit of the Game and self-governance on the field at all of our events and we appreciate their support.”

Jim Gerencser, co-founder of ERIC, added: "We are very excited about this partnership with WFDF.

"Last year we reached almost 10,000 kids in the US and this year we are looking to expand abroad to get closer to our mission to reach one million kids in five years.

"As someone deeply involved with Ultimate for decades, I have seen how the Spirit of the Game can be manifested not only on the field but in life, and I intend to do everything in my power to promote Spirit of the Game at all levels, whether at the youth level or in elite competition in which I am involved.”