Egypt Ultimate Players Association have become the latest members of the World Flying Disc Federation ©EUPA

The Egypt Ultimate Players Association (EUPA) has become the latest confirmed Member Association of the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), it has been announced.

The decision was made by the WFDF Congress, allowing the EUPA to compete in events sanctioned by the world governing body.

The announcement brings the total number of WFDF Member Associations to 68 and follows the recent approval of Morocco.

“I am extremely delighted to be able to announce the approval of EUPA as new member association within WFDF’s Flying Disc family,” WFDF President Robert Rauch said.

“I consider this achievement as a direct result of the successful development work which WFDF is doing, with Africa as a key focus.

“It must be underlined that not only maintaining but increasing our local governance standards for membership is a key focus for WFDF in these times, when good governance in sport is more important than ever.

“WFDF hopes we can epitomise the ideal principles of good governance as laid out by the IOC at all levels.”

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Flying disc is growing in popularity in Egypt ©EUPA

The EUPA being accepted as a WFDF member continues the growth of the governing body, which was officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee at its 128th Session in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last year.

“The EUPA is honoured to be accepted as a member by the WFDF Congress,” EUPA vice-president Manuel Khounganian said.

“We are thrilled to be joining the international ultimate community in this time of rapid growth.

“Ultimate in Egypt has grown quickly in recent years and we hope to use this new relationship to continue developing this outstanding sport in Egypt and on a wider scale throughout the Middle East and North African region as a whole.

“Lastly, special thanks to Volker Bernardi for guiding us through the application process and best of luck to the newly elected Board of Directors.”

The announcement came after the WFDF revealed it is seeking bids from potential hosts of its 2017 Freestyle and Overall Flying Disc Championships (WFOC).

WFDF’s Board of Directors is asking that initial expressions of interest in preparing a bid for the 2017 WFOC be made no later than January 21.