The Spanish Olympic Committee have signed a deal with consultancy company Soxna ©Spanish Olympic Committee ©COE

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) has signed an agreement with international sports consultancy company Soxna, with the initiative aimed at improving the overall condition and wellbeing of the country's athletes.

Both organisations are set to study ways to expand cooperation and care benefits, which are currently undertaken by the COE’s Athlete Assistance Office which provides training and professional development of athletes in any sport.

Among the areas the initiative will aim to improve will be the athletes’ scientific training and the provision of work activities to improve their skills and personal situation.

The COE hope partnering with Soxna will provide a boost to the country’s athletes with resources set to be transferred whenever they are needed.

Alejandro Blanco stressed the importance of initiatives designed to help Spain's athletes
Alejandro Blanco stressed the importance of initiatives designed to help Spain's athletes ©Getty Images

Soxna also boast a relationship with Spanish football giants Real Madrid, with the firm advising companies on how to launch and promote their business in various countries.

The initiative is the latest to be announced by the COE, with the aim of providing their athletes with skills which they can apply when their sporting careers draw to a close.

It follows fresh from the “Athletes Employment Programme” which the COE launched last month with the support of consultancy firm PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC), the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia and national publishing firm Unidad Editorial.

COE President Alejandro Blanco stressed the importance of introducing these initiatives to provide athletes with values and skills necessary for all organisations, which could help them earn employment.

Through their existing Athlete Assistance Office, the COE have provided scholarships to support the education of more than 200 athletes per year.