Hungarian Paralympic Committee President Zsolt Gömöri finances are being investigated ©Hungarian Paralympic Committee

Hungarian Paralympic Committee (MPB) President Zsolt Gömöri is the subject of an investigation by authorities there regarding his financial affairs, it has been revealed.

Gömöri’s finances have come into focus in the recent months, having been found to have had a HUF 3 million (£7,055/$10,858/€9,566) loan paid off by the MPB.

Following the revelation the President repaid the money, however, further financial irregularities have since allegedly emerged, with his salary and bonuses among the areas being scrutinised.

In a statement the MPB welcomed the decision to begin an investigation saying it “provides an opportunity to clarify the situation developed around the MPB”.

The statement continued: “Owl Bettina, the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office spokesperson informed that the investigation is ordered, because the basis of the available data clearly suspected of a crime can not be ruled out and it is possible to examine the context of the investigation.

“The Hungarian Paralympic Committee the authority provides all required course, started proceedings against unknown perpetrators data, information, document, document co-operate for the success of the investigation.”

Gömöri is believed to have lost support of several Paralympic athletes
Hungarian Paralympi Committee President Zsolt Gömöri has lost support of the country's athletes following allegations about his financial affairs, it is claimed ©Getty Images

In addition to the investigation, Gömöri has received calls to resign from his role, led by chairman of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC) Zsolt Borkai.

Borkai, a gymnastics Olympic gold medallist at Seoul 1988, claimed the President “can no longer effectively represent and serve faithfully" in the organisation and its athletes.

The view was also echoed by János Lázár, Cabinet chief of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, following the emergence of latest reports Gömöri’s financial irregularities, while several Paralympian’s are believed to have lost faith in his leadership.

The pressure on Gömöri's position was increased by key sponsors of the MPB, such as Coca-Cola, suspending their sponsorship of the organisation.

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