More than 150 staff members are working around the clock to ensure the successful delivery of the Pacific Games ©Port Moresby 2015

Port Moresby 2015 chief executive Peter Stewart has claimed that Organising Committee staff members will be among “the most sought after people” come the end of the Pacific Games.

Stewart was speaking at a Tradelinked networking event between Papua New Guinea and the Australian city of Cairns at Port Moresby's Crown Plaza Hotel, where more than 100 members of the local business community were in attendance. 

As well as being urged to look out for the workforce that will be available for employment after the completion of the two-week long Games on July 18, members were given an update on preparations for the multi-sport event.

“In my experience in being part of many international Games, I can tell you, if you survive the Games, you can survive anything,” said Stewart, who held the position of venue manager at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“The skill and experience one learns from this, is the kind you would have to work years to attain.”

The Organising Committee is also made up of secondment staff from the Games' family of sponsors.

The programme aims to help provide fast-tracked training and experience for sponsors’ staff in the Organising Committee's fields of expertise.

Peter Stewart, chief executive of Port Moresby 2015, says the Organising Committee staff
Peter Stewart, chief executive of Port Moresby 2015, says the Organising Committee staff "will be able to deliver any project of any size and scale" in Papua New Guinea after the Pacific Games ©Getty Images

“We understand that many people will not leave their permanent jobs to join a short-term project, and that’s why we’ve arranged for secondments,” Stewart explained.

“It’s a great way for our sponsors to train their human resource, at the same time helping to deliver the Games.

“After the Games, potential employers will have a 150 plus highly skilled professionals with experience in logistics, transport, sports administration, finance, marketing, communications, project management and more.

“These nationals will be able to deliver any project of any size and scale in the country.”

In order to achieve set outcomes within their key operational areas, it is claimed that most staff are going beyond their job descriptions and putting in additional hours.

“The dedication and professionalism of our staff is amazing, without them, we would not be where we are at with our Games preparations,” the official added.

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