Scottish War Blinded has organised a centenary bowling tour to recognise bowling as an important recreational activity ©Scottish War Blinded

A team of visually impaired veterans from the charity Scottish War Blinded is set to begin a centenary bowling tour at Baxter Park Bowling Club in Dundee. 

Scottish War Blinded, which provides a lifeline of free support to veterans of the Armed Forces who have a serious visual impairment, has organised the tour to recognise bowling as an important recreational activity first played on the grounds of the charity’s Newington House in 1916.

Baxter Park Bowling Club is of historic significance as it was the venue for the inaugural Blind Bowling Championship in 1959 contested by teams from Dundee, Scottish War Blinded, Paisley and Kirkcaldy.

Members of the charity have been selected to represent Scottish War Blinded from both its Linburn Centre, located in Wilkieston, West Lothian, and Outreach Service across Scotland, captained by Ian Graham.

Scottish War Blinded’s Outreach Service supports members by liaising with statutory and voluntary organisations, providing specialist visually impaired equipment, promoting independent living as well as introducing social opportunities in the local community.

The Linburn Centre meanwhile is a free day centre for up to 35 members, providing rehabilitation, activities and social opportunities. 

Representatives of Scottish War Blinded will play a team of visually impaired bowlers from Baxter Park Bowling Club in a series of singles and paired matches beginning today.

“It is an honour to walk in the footsteps of earlier Scottish War Blinded members who competed and won the very first national blind bowling competition at Baxter Park in Dundee," said Graham.

Scottish War Blinded's Linburn Centre welcomes up to 35 veterans each day

Allan Anderson, match secretary of Baxter Park Bowling Club, added: “Baxter Park Bowling Club is proud and honoured to host the Scottish War Blinded’s centenary bowling tour.

“The tour is a celebration of disability sport in Scotland proving disability is not a handicap to participation.

“We have visually impaired members at Baxter Park whose competitiveness is second to none and are looking forward to this match.”

The centenary bowling tour continues at Whitehall Bowling Club in Aberdeen on May 6, after which it heads to Abbeyview Bowling Club in Dunfermline on May 14, Jessfield Bowling Club in Edinburgh on July 23, Ardgowan Bowling Club in Greenock on August 5, and Abbotsford Bowling Club in Galashiels on August 10.

Scottish War Blinded members continue to participate in bowling across Scotland as part of the Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers, which provides regular matches as well as social opportunities in the local community.