By Liam Morgan

USA Luge have attempted to raise sponsorship for their team with the release of a promotional film ©USA LugeUSA Luge have today released a promotional film made by Adore Creative as part of an innovative marketing campaign to raise the profile of the sport across the country.

The video, which features a range of America's top lugers, including their first-ever Olympic medallist Erin Hamlin, is aimed at promoting the sport and the creators are also hoping it can help USA Luge attract further sponsorship.

The film's release comes off the back of a superb season for America's lugers, where they claimed 12 medals in World Cup competition, their highest total for eight years.

"We are thrilled with the video as luge is a niche winter sport and we are hoping it can help raise its profile and attract more sponsors," USA Luge Board member Terrence Burns, who is also the managing director of Teneo Strategy, told insidethegames.

"It's one of those sports where you realise how much athletes have to sacrifice to fund their participation and that was quite eye-opening for me.

"We're hoping the video can create a buzz around the sport.

"It's humbling to be involved and I am honoured."

Along with Los Angeles-based creative marketing agency Adore Creative, who have worked on Olympic and FIFA World Cup bid campaigns in the past, USA Luge shot the film at several different locations in the United States, including the Utah Olympic Park, which hosted Salt Lake City 2002, and the San Diego Wind Tunnel.

It is hoped the video will garner support for luge in America.

"Luge is limited in the US to areas where they have the climate and the infrastructure," Burns said.

"It won't ever have the national footprint of athletics, swimming and basketball for example but we're going to try to make it as good as it can be."

Olympic bronze medallist Erin Hamlin features prominently in the video which is aimed at raising the profile of luge in America ©USA LugeOlympic bronze medallist Erin Hamlin features prominently in the video which is aimed at raising the profile of luge in America ©USA Luge

The video itself highlights how Olympic medals can be won by the narrowest of margins, featuring interviews with other American lugers, such as Chris Mazdzer and USA Luge chief executive Jim Leahy.

"There were a few key aspects which we focused on, like the mind-runs and what can happen in the time a medal can be won or lost," Adore Creative chief executive Rupert Wainwright added.

"We really want to get behind our athletes and help these guys raise some money and to raise awareness."

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