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A total of 74 venue operations will be overseen by the Gwangju 2015 Main Operation Centre ©Gwangju 2015 Gwangju 2015 has started to set up the Summer Universiade's Main Operation Centre (MOC) after completing its reorganisation process, they have revealed. 

The MOC, which will serve as a control tower from March 1 to July 17, will be located on the 12th floor of the Gwangju 2015 headquarters and oversee 74 venue operations.

A total of 24 Gwangju 2015 staff members will be responsible for monitoring areas such as competition management, finance, transportation, staff management, public relations and communications.

The control tower will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week from June 26 onwards, with the Universiade due to take place from July 3 to 14.

Test runs will be conducted by Gwangju 2015 before the start of the Games in order to address any potential obstacles and complications.

Excitement is building for the Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade with the Games less than six months away ©Gwangju 2015 Excitement is building for the Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade with the Games less than six months away ©Gwangju 2015

The reorganisation process undertaken by Gwangju 2015 focused on strengthening the functional areas that will be fundamental during the Games, while trimming those that related to planning and cutting out tasks that will be redundant come July 3.

The majority of the changes were concentrated on sports competition operation and management, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, press releases, catering, and media services, it was revealed. 

Meanwhile, each venue has been assigned a task force team, which will focus on the main functional areas such as sports competitions, on-site management, competition support, international co-operation, transportation, and communications.

The on-site manager will pay particular attention to competition operations, making sure the schedules, athletes services, overall safety, and other tasks are on track and reporting back to the MOC if an emergency occurs.

Support staff and volunteers will also be working on-site to familiarise themselves with the Universiade's settings before the Games.

Last month, delegates from the International University Sports Federation conducted a seven-day inspection of Gwangju to ensure the smooth operation of the Games. 

Delegates visited multiple venues and held meetings with a number of functional areas to review preparations. 

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