By Michael Pavitt

IJF Head Sport Director Vladimir Barta addressed the attendees of the two day seminar ©International Judo FederationThe International Judo Federation (IJF) has hosted a two-day seminar at the Presidential Office in Budapest, with organisers of all World Judo Tour events in 2015 present to share knowledge, experiences and attend workshops.

During the seminar every IJF department gave presentations of the requirements that the organisers need to meet to produce a top level event, with sport matters, Judogi control and pre-event organisation topics discussed, as well as medical protocol, television and media.

The 2015 World Judo Tour will consist of 21 events, including World Championships, one World Masters event, five Grand Slams and 11 Grand Prix events and the IJF head sport director Vladimir Barta claimed "judo has finally created a product and the World Judo Tour is like a shop window."

A total of 21 events will form the World Judo Tour in 2015 ©IJFA total of 21 events will form the World Judo Tour in 2015 ©IJF

Barta added: "We always forget how it was in the past, when we had only one event every second year.

"Now we are tuning everything and we have created a professional team.

"Every detail is important and it is not about maintaining but improving.

"The whole year is part of the Olympic qualification and we will get the best athletes throughout the year."

The first event of the 2015 season is due to be the Düsseldorf Judo Grand Prix from February 20 to 22.

Organisers of IJF World Tour events shared knowledge and experiences at the seminar ©IJFOrganisers of IJF World Tour events shared knowledge and experiences at the seminar ©IJF

Larisa Kiss, director of the Presidential Office, claimed the Judo World Tour events will help to develop the sport and see it build on the success of London 2012. 

"Even if we have already reached a very high level, there is still room for improvement," she said.

"Each event is important and we want to reinforce the collaboration between all of us.

"After the Masters 2015 every competition will be counting 100 per cent for the Olympic qualification.

"It means more athletes and more responsibility, but also more benefits for judo and all of us."

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