By Emily Goddard

Gwangju 2015 has launched two new slogans after a Facebook contest ©GUOCGwangju 2015 has launched two new slogans for next year's Summer Universiade in the South Korean city following an online contest.

The Organising Committee selected "The Light of Gwangju and The Dream of Youth Become One" and "Spread the World's Dream, Gather People's Spirit" from more than 150 entries received from the public on its official Facebook page.

Each entry went through a series of surveys before the winners were chosen.

They will be used for the Gwangju 2015 Volunteer Recruitment and Local Community Participation Programmes to help boost interest ahead of the event, while the official slogan from 2012, "Light Up Tomorrow", will continue to promote the Games both domestically and worldwide.

It is hoped that the slogans will help raise awareness of the Universiade among the local community in Gwangju, while encouraging them to be actively involved.

"The goodwill of the local citizens and students is the key to a successful Gwangju Universiade," read a Gwangju 2015 statement.

"Therefore, GUOC (Gwangju Universiade Organising Committee) is committed to raise awareness of public's interest and participation."

The Games will be a global sports festival, welcoming some 20,000 participants from 170 countries and are due to take place from July 3 to 14 next year.

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