By Paul Osborne

Volunteers are currently being interviewed for the Gwangju 2015 Universiade ©Gwangju 2015Interviews have begun for volunteers at next year's Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade as organisers look to fill the 15,000 positions available to the public.

The first recruitment period got underway on November 4, where Gwangju 2015 were looking to appoint a number of language experts to ensure smooth communication between the expected 20,000 delegates set to make the trip to South Korea for next year's Games.

This period will continue until Saturday (November 29) with residents selected from Gwangju, and the North and South Jeolla Provinces.

The second interview process is due to begin on Monday (December 1) and recruitment volunteers North and South Jeolla Provinces from for general roles, while the third and final period set for January 6 until 30 and will be open to all regions expect those previously mentioned.

Around 50,000 people will be involved in the interview process, each of whom was selected from the 58,000 that passed the initial examination paper.

Many of those who have volunteered have been a part of Gwangju's volunteer education programmes which was designed to sharpen the qualifications of those hoping to volunteer at the Games.

Nuribi, the official Gwangju 2015 mascot, visited a number of universities and sites across South Korea to promote the 2015 Summer Universiade ©Gwangju 2015Nuribi, the official Gwangju 2015 mascot, visited a number of universities and sites across South Korea to promote the 2015 Summer Universiade ©Gwangju 2015

The move for volunteers comes as Gwangju 2105 organisers visited 12 universities across South Korea in an effort to involve as many students in the upcoming Games, and promote the Games to more than 20,000 people at these sites.

Gwangju 2015 highlighted the need for university students to gather momentum and excitement ahead of the Games and used major events such as the Gwangju Biennale, Chungjang Festival of memories and World Kimchi Culture Festival to promote the Universiade.

Universities visited include Cheonnam National University, Gwangju University, Honam University, Gwangju Women's University, Cheonbuk National University, Jeonju University, Jeonju National University of Education and Mokpo National University.

Gwangju 2015 official mascot Nuribi made the trip to the universities and once again proved a huge success across the country.

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