By Zjan Shirinian

Danielle Bradshaw wants to have her left leg amputated so she can compete at Rio 2016 ©AFP/Getty ImagesA British schoolgirl who chose to have a leg amputated after suffering a rare congenital disorder which left her confined to a wheelchair, now wants surgeons to cut off the foot on her other leg so she can compete at the Paralympic Games.

Danielle Bradshaw had her right leg removed in 2010 and was fitted with a prosthetic limb, meaning she could enjoy sports for the first time.

The 15-year-old took up sprinting, but says the strain on her left leg causes her constant pain and is slowing her down.

She now wants her left foot - which has deformed toes and severe tendon damage - removed so she can run with two prosthetics.

"We always thought the good leg was good and that was it, but in the last two years it's taken a lot of strain," her stepfather Darren Quigley told the Daily Mail.

"She's taking daily medication, wearing ankle and knee braces and even has a plate under her knee to support her.

"It's all slowing her down.

"Danielle just wants to run and won't let anything hold her back - not even her foot."

The schoolgirl from Manchester runs 100 metres and has won a number of medals at the England Athletic Championships.

She also competes in discus and shot put and has her sights set on Rio 2016.

Quigley added: "Danielle's said to the surgeon that if they won't amputate she'll go elsewhere."

Bradshaw said: "Getting the running blade made everything a lot better.

"I'm not hoping for the operation, I just want to get better like anyone else would want.

"I'll take anything to fix it, though.

"Nothing will stop me doing my sport."

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