By Duncan Mackay

FASANOC's Women in Sports Commission are organising a special Workshop on Saturday ©FASANOCA Women in Sport Workshop is due to take place this week in Suva, the capital of Fiji, where topics will include conflict management and collaborative problem-solving.

The one-day event on Saturday (September 20) is being organised by the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) Women in Sport Commission and is part of its next leadership and administration workshop series.

The event, to be held at FASANOC conference room from 8am to 5pm, is aimed to help increase the understanding of conflict management and problem-solving techniques with an anticipation that the knowledge gained would assist in solving the many types and areas of conflicts and problems occurring within National Federations and clubs and its related impacts, both internally and externally.

It is also aimed to advance the understanding of participants roles in various leadership positions for effective governance of their Federations and as individuals

Commission chair Susie Yee said that the workshop is open to both men and women from various sporting fields, including administrators, athletes, managers, coaches and teachers.

The Workshop facilitator will be Hamidan Bibi, a former international tennis player, who said the topic of conflict and problem-solving is ever occurring, and one that often requires specific attention.

"Values and needs often differ," she said.

"The area of sports and games are conflict situations, whether one is playing, coaching and or managing and administrating.

"Many individuals leading sporting organisation, and or participating in various sports have not had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge base on how to effectively manage conflicts and help solve associated problems for impactful participation.

"Thus there is a need to introduce this aspect of governing and or managing sporting federations, ensuring effective performances and sustainability."

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