By Zjan Shirinian

The masterplan is to turn Lima into a sporting hub ©AFP/Getty ImagesThe Peruvian capital Lima is well on the way to becoming a sporting hub that will leave a legacy for generations to come, the country's National Olympic Committee chief has said.

Lima will stage the 2019 Pan American and Parapan Games, and is bidding to host the 130 the International Olympic Committee Session in 2017 - at which the winning 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic bid will be announced.

It is also one of three cities in the race to host the World Games in 2021, along with Birmingham in Alabama and Russian city Ufa.

"Our goal is to establish the ethos and standards of sport in all parts of the city, providing excellent sports space in which to practice sport," said Peruvian Olympic Committee President José Quiñones González.

"We have held 23 sporting events in the last four years.

"We feel enormous pride, a belief and a passion in sport that is reaching beyond the events themselves to impact our everyday lives."

He added: "We are looking at a 40 to 50 year development project that began in 2003.

"We are fast becoming a sporting nation and our plan for the next five years is to hasten and speed this process up to create an early legacy for our people."

As part of the masterplan to drive enthusiasm for sport in Peru, it will host a number of major events in the next 18 months in badminton, hockey and rowing.

Lima will also host the 7th IOC Athlete Career Programme Forum, scheduled for early 2015.