By Nick Butler at the Main Press Centre in Glasgow

CGF President Prince Imran (right) reiterated his support for Paralympic events on the Commonwealth programme ©Getty ImagesCommonwealth Games Federation (CGF) President Prince Imran has reiterated his support for the increased number of Parasport events on the Glasgow 2014 programme, although he insisted there are no plans for a standalone Commonwealth Paralympic-style event.

There will be a total of 22 medal events for Para-athletes in Glasgow, across five sports - athletics, swimming, powerlifting, lawn bowls and, for the first time, track cycling - making it the largest Paralympic programme at any edition of the Games. 

With the exception of powerlifting, in which only Paralympians will compete, both Paralympic and able-bodied athletes will compete in the same venue and on the same programme in Glasgow, and it is hoped this is the way it will remain. 

"We do not see a standalone Paralympic Games, and if there is going to be such a competition, it will not be under us, but under some other organisation, like the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)," the Malaysian said, following the conclusion of the CGF General Assembly.

"From our point of view, the reason why Paralympic sports are part of the Games is because, we believe, we want our athletes to feel equal with the able-bodied athletes, and that's why we are having them as part of our Games."

Four-time London 2012 gold medal winner David Weir will be among the largest ever total of Paralympians competing in a Commonwealth Games in Glasgow ©Getty ImagesFour-time London 2012 gold medallistDavid Weir will be among the largest ever total of Paralympians competing in a Commonwealth Games in Glasgow ©Getty Images

Paralympic events were included for the first time at Manchester 2002, when 20 countries sent athletes across 10 events in athletics, lawn bowls, swimming, table tennis and weightlifting.

Four years later in Melbourne,189 from 25 nations competed in 12 events across four sports, with a powerlifting competition held for the first time, before 15 events were held at Delhi 2010.

Given the success of the London 2012 Paralympics, it seems natural a Games held on British shores should feature an even larger total, and it is expected support for these events will be equally as high as for all the other events on the programme.

Prince Imran claimed they are considering adding more Paralympic events in the future, but will be careful to select sports and disciplines which fit with the demands of the Commonwealth.

"Gold Coast [2018] are already in discussion and considering increasing the number of events," he said.

"But one thing we always have to remember when it comes to Para sports, is that we like universality."

"We have 71 nations - some rich and some poor - and we want to have Para-sports that the poorer nations can compete in alongside the rich ones.

"Choosing the right events is therefore very important, and we will have to think very carefully when selecting events in the future."

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