By Zjan Shirinian

The Qatar Olympic Committee wants to give residents the chance to get involved in sport during the month of Ramadan ©Getty ImagesThe Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has published the timetable of sport events at the Al Firjan playgrounds during the holy month of Ramadan, designed to help build a "solid and healthy community".

The Al Firjan playgrounds - of which there are around 20 across the country - were set up to support the QOC's efforts to give residents in the country access to community sports facilities to help meet the objectives of the Qatar 2030 national vision.

That vision aims to establish Qatar as an "advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for all its people".

The sprawling facilities are led by the Al-Wikair playground, which has been designed to host multiple sport activities including football, basketball, volleyball, handball, physical fitness activities, walking, running and cycling.

Activities and other entertainment events for families will take place during Ramadan - which begins today - from 4-9pm local time every day

The QOC is aiming to establish several more Firjan playgrounds in Qatar.

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