By Paul Osborne

The American SamoaNational Olympic Committee is hoping to gain funds from the IOC in order to construct their headquarters and sports facilities ©AmericanSamoaMarch 10 - The American Samoa National Olympic Committee (ASNOC) is hoping to tap into International Olympic Committee (IOC) funds in order to begin construction of their headquarters and sports facilities on Government land in Tafuna.

According to ASNOC President Joseph Victor Langkilde, the IOC has budgeted almost $200,000 (£120,000/€144,000) for sports infrastructure with this year being the final year that ASNOC can access the funds.

"And that's primarily why we want to secure this long-term lease because basically the initial funding will be available and developing these facilities and also we will be able to access any other further assistance through the long-term lease as well," said Langkilde.

ASNOC's original lease runs out in 2022 and they want to extend it for another 30 years.

"Hopefully the first two facilities, as far as sports is concerned, will be a multi-purpose gymnasium and a swimming pool," added Langkilde.

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