By Zjan Shirinian

Indian athletes will still be able to compete under the AIBA flag after it cut all ties with the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation ©Getty Images for DAGOCMarch 3 - The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has severed all official ties with the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) - urging officials in the country to put the sport in the hands of "trustful, clean and honest people".

The decision comes 15 months after the IABF was suspended, and follows what has been described by AIBA as "an extensive evaluation and assessment of all issues surrounding the sport of boxing in India".

Its review into the state of boxing in India was launched after the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) had its suspension lifted by the International Olympic Committee last month.

The IOA was suspended in December 2012 for not holding its elections under the Olympic Charter.

But AIBA says it has "received different claims from various groups of people on the way the sport of boxing was managed in India and it has therefore now become totally impossible for AIBA to make proper judgments in terms of handling the National Federation's affairs in India".

Boxers and coaches will still be able to compete at all levels of competition under the AIBA flag.

"As AIBA President and on behalf of the entire boxing family, I am expressing my deepest regret and sadness that we had to make this decision", said Dr Ching-Kuo Wu.

"AIBA has always regarded India as one of the most important members of its family, but it has become impossible for us to bear the hard feelings, the pain and suffering the boxers as well as the boxing family in India had to go through under the past and recent leadership which has also been damaging the image, reputation and interest of our sport in the country."

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu says the decision to cut ties with the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation is regretful ©AFP/Getty ImagesAIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu says the decision to cut ties with the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation is regretful ©AFP/Getty Images

The IABF's membership has now been provisionally excluded in accordance with article 18.2 of the AIBA statutes.

Its Executive Committee will make a final decision and "rehabilitate" a National Federation for boxing in India "as soon as it deems that it has found the right group of people who will support the principles of AIBA in terms of ethics and fairness, and who care primarily about the boxers and our beloved sport and not about their personal interests".

President Wu added: "It is believed that the only way to get the sport of boxing back on track in India would be for it to be left in the hands of trustful, clean and honest people who love boxing and to give the opportunity to any group of people with passion and love for our sport to submit applications for the establishment of a new National Federation.

"AIBA will however not tolerate any Governmental or sports authority interference in this process."

It says it will now wait for requests by any organisation or person to submit an application.