By Zjan Shirinian

The Paralympic Torch right has started its journey across Russia Getty ImagesFebruary 26 - The Sochi 2014 Paralympic Torch is on its way through Russia, after visiting five cities in the far east of the country on its voyage to Sochi.

At 5.10am, as the sun rose from the horizon, the flame was lit in a "projection show" in Cape Dezhnev - the most eastern point of Russia.

One of the first people to run with the Torch was 17-year-old Andrei Gladkov.

The swimmer, who has musculoskeletal disability, won bronze in the men's 400 metre freestyle S7 at London 2012.

The Torch then visited Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Magadan and Anadyr.

In the Chukchi Autonomous District, there were 30 torchbearers.

As part of the Relay, cultural events showcasing the heritage of the region were held.

Pavel Stepanchenko, master of sports in northern decathlon, was the final torchbearer.

He lit the Bowl of Fire erected in the central square.

There were 100 torchbearers in Vladivostok, with seven-times Deaflympics gold medallist Vitaly Obotin lighting the Bowl of Fire as a festive concert entertained the crowds.

In Magadan - the final stop on the Relay's opening day - the Paralympic Flame was lit during the melting of gold at the local refinery.

As it reached its destination, it was passed to Alexander Sokolov, an active member of the city's public organisation for the disabled, who lit the Bowl of Fire.

After the extinguishing of the Bowls in each of the five cities of the Far Eastern Federal District, the "transfer of sparks to Sochi" ceremony was held.

A Unification Ceremony of the Flame will be held in Sochi on March 5, ahead of the Opening Ceremony of the Games on March 7.

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