By Emily Goddard

The ABAE is calling on its members to share their views ahead of its EGMNovember 11 - The Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) is calling on its 18,500 members to "make their views known and ensure their voice is heard" ahead of its Extraordinary General Meeting, where it will vote on whether to accept or reject its new Board of directors, this month.

The members will also make a decision on the new articles of association, which - like the board of directors - have been approved by both the International Boxing Association (AIBA) and Sport England, at the meeting on November 24.

To be accepted the new articles require 75 per cent - nine out of 12 - of the vote, but the ABAE has warned that a decision to reject the new articles and board will lead to the re-opening of the AIBA disciplinary proceedings that saw the national governing body provisionally suspended earlier this year.

"This [further action] is expected to lead to the indefinite suspension of England from all international competition as it will fail to comply with the rules and regulations by which the sport is governed internationally," a statement read.

Meanwhile, Sport England has already confirmed that it will cease its £5 million ($8 million/€6 million) funding for the ABAE, "with immediate effect", if the new articles and Board do not go ahead.

"This is a critical moment for the ABAE and it is very important that the 18,500 members and 900 affiliated clubs that make-up the organisation fully understand what is at stake and the ramifications of these forthcoming decisions which have the potential to affect every member at every level," an ABAE statement added.

"We believe that the votes that will be cast on the 24th November should reflect the opinions of the membership and we urge all clubs, coaches, boxers and volunteers to make their views known to the Secretaries of their Regional Associations and ensure that their voice is heard at this critically important time for the sport."

Sport England has said it will stop its funding for the ABAE if the new articles and board are rejectedSport England has said it will stop its funding for the ABAE if the new articles
and board are rejected

The new Board, which has pledged to be more "open and transparent" than its predecessors, has set up a free telephone helpline - 0800 023 2692 - and email enquiry service, insisting that the changes are "not a one-way process".

"As a Board, we recognise the importance and status of the whole membership and will make every effort to communicate to all our members in an open, transparent and consistent manner," a statement added.

"We will also endeavour to follow the principles of good governance and recognise our responsibilities as the national governing body to ensure that our members have all of the information that is relevant to them."

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