By Paul Osborne

Alison Merrien has rejected a place on the Guernsey bowls squad for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth GamesOctober 23 - Bowls Guernsey has criticised Alison Merrien after her decision not to participate in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The eight times World Champion made the decision after points from the World Bowls Ltd World Cup event were not taken into account in Bowls Guernsey's 2014 Commonwealth Games Criteria following a decision to exclude the event from the selection process.

In a letter to Bowls Guernsey Merrien said that: "I, along with others, have been let down by outdoor bowls in Guernsey.

"Myself and [my husband] Ian tried to warn Bowls Guernsey that we believe the criteria was flawed.

"[That was] two years ago and unfortunately it's created a situation where some good players have not been able to meet the standard set, including myself."

In an email to insidethegames, Bowls Guernsey's Garry Collins claimed the decision not to include the event was due to it being an indoor event, with not all countries participating in the event, whereas other events which are included are participated in by all countries affiliated with World Bowls.

Collins made clear that the fact it was an indoor event is a significant factor in the decision due to the bowls event at the Commonwealth Games being played outdoors.

Collins also claimed that the decision to exclude the event was approved by Bowls Guernsey members back in 2011 and re-confirmed in their Annual General Meeting on December 10 2012, a meeting Merrien did not attend.

Guerney's Alison Merrien has won eight world titles, but seven of them have come in the indoor version of the sportGuerney's Alison Merrien has won eight world titles, but seven of them have come in the indoor version of the sport

Merrien, currently ranked third in the Guernsey outdoor bowls rankings, missed out on a place to compete in the singles for Guernsey at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, preferred instead by number one ranked, Lucy Beere.

She was however given a place in the doubles, alongside Beere, despite missing out on the required qualification points, after Bowls Guernsey supported an application for special dispensation.

It was this place that Merrien rejected, a decision heavily criticised by Bowls Guernsey.

"Merrien, if she was truly proud to play for Guernsey, she would be playing in the pairs with Beere and not act like a little school girl throwing her toys out of the pram because she didn't get her own way," Collins told insidethegames.

"The green is where the talking is done in this sport and Beere has beaten her twice in two years without reply" 

Merrien has won eight world titles in her extensive bowls career.

But seven of these have been at indoor competitions.

In the last six years she has been crowned national singles champion once with Beere taking the title three times, including the past two years.

"Merrien is disappointed that she was not awarded the singles, but Beere having beaten her the last two years has won her spot," said Collins.

"Beere is also a World Champion, winning the mixed pairs when she played for England

"Merrien has played at the last four Games, without success and its time someone else had a chance, if it was played indoor she would get my vote, but its outdoors, however I'm not a selector"

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