By Duncan Mackay

Tokyo hosting the 2020 Paralympics should help improve training facilities for athletes like Toru Suzuki, seen here competing in the F46 high jump at London 2012October 4 - Japanese Paralympic sport is set to receive a massive boost after the decision to award Tokyo the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics with the Government announcing a series of measures designed to help improve both the performance of elite sportsmen and women and facilities for disabled people in the country.

Japan's Cabinet Office have discussed a number of measures, most notably how to give the country's Paralympic athletes more opportunity to succeed at the Games. 

In preparation for the 2020 Paralympics, the Government has promised to improve arenas and facilities where athletes can train.

These include aiming to get rid of barriers at facilities which prevent athletes from using some sports venues and a promise to increase the number of places where they train safely and better.

More money is also to be invested in helping train coaches to work with Paralympic athletes.

Facilities for the disabled in Japan are to improved, including at train stations, the Government has announcedFacilities for the disabled in Japan are to improved, including at train stations, the Government has announced

The Government has also pledged to help renovate rain stations and bus terminals making access easier for disabled people by the time of Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose has also promised to help make Tokyo "a city where anyone can enjoy sports, anywhere, anytime". 

The new measures follow the decision in August to change how Paralympic athletes are funded for future Games.

Previously, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare oversees funding and preparations for Paralympic athletes while the Sports Ministry is in charge of those getting ready for the Olympics.

Now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will be responsible for both Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

The new initiative follows Japan's disappointing performance at London 2012 where they won only five gold medals, their worst performance since Heidelberg in 1972.

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