Age: 28

Country: France

Weight category: -52kg/-57kg

Achievements: London 2012 Olympic Games bronze, World Championship team gold 2014, European champion 2017

Starting judo:

I started judo when I was 11 years old with my best friend in the small town of Porto-Vecchio on Corsica island. It was just to try and I loved it more and more every time. My coach was really nice and it was great to beat the boys.

Representing France:

At the beginning I was doing judo really for fun, I had no precise goal. It was not until the age of 18 that I became aware of my abilities and I started having a dream and real ambitions. I wanted to be a champion, represent my country like Lucie Decosse, Gevrise Emane and Teddy Riner. I dreamt about hearing the sound of the "Marseillaise" (the French national anthem) at major championships.

Judo is more than a sport:

Of course I think judo is a sport. For me right now I would say it is my life, I dedicate days, months, years. I spend more time on the tatami or in preparation than I do with the company of my family and friends! I think judo, I eat and drink judo! My whole life revolves around judo, everything is programmed according to judo. I don't know what I actually write represents when I'm on a tatami, but in both good and bad times I love my sport. 

Being a role model:

I'm glad when children cite us as an example in judo, or see us as role models. I'm happy to give them something to make them want to realise their dream as I did! We all have examples in life and I am proud to represent that for some young children.

Winning bronze at London 2012 Olympic Games:

My best memories of London were as soon as I arrived in the Olympic village, everything was huge, the restaurant dazzled me. I was on a diet and I did not know where to turn. We met stars as Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt and Tony Parker. Of course the most memorable moment was my last fight of the day when I won the bronze. It was just magical, I saw my parents and friends in the stands jumping for joy and that it is my best picture in London.

Judo in France:

Judo is very popular in my country. You may have noticed all the excitement there was around the sport at the Paris Grand Slam. We have many licences in the four corners of France while young people struggle to become a champion. There is a lot of competition, which leads us to give the best of ourselves every time. We bring the medals and it attracts attention. In France, judo is a sport widely recognised and receives a lot of space in the media thanks to champions like Teddy (Riner), Lucie (Decosse), Gevrise (Emane) and the new young names.

Judo's continued growth:

I think this is a good thing for the development of our sport. To make the sport known in the four corners of the world is great and it's also a lot of sharing and discovery that are consistent with the values of judo. In my opinion, the growth is a great thing.

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