By Emily Goddard

AIBA has lifted its provisional suspension on ABAESeptember 5 - A provisional suspension on the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) has been lifted by the International Boxing Association (AIBA), but they have given the country's national body just over a month to launch a "reform process".

AIBA issued the temporary ban in July this year, claiming that ABAE had "seriously breached" the sport's world governing body's regulations when it blocked World Series of Boxing (WSB) fighters from competing at national events and took advice from Sport England when developing its new constitution.

The matter was then handed to the AIBA Disciplinary Commission, which ruled that ABAE "committed and continues to commit significant violations" of the AIBA statutes and bylaws.

It singled out the decision to ban English WSB boxers from events as "directly contrary to AIBA's competitions rules" as there was "not a shred of evidence" that allowing WSB boxers to participate would be medically unsafe.

As for Sport England's input, the Disciplinary Commission said it had already warned ABAE "to keep all governance and operations at arms-length away from Sport order to maintain the necessary autonomy".

AIBA suspended ABAE after it banned WSB signed boxers, including Charlie Edwards (pictured), from competing at the national championshipsAIBA suspended ABAE after it banned WSB signed boxers, including Charlie Edwards (pictured), from competing at the national championships

The Disciplinary Commission concluded that ABAE's explanations for the said deviations were "poor excuses for evading their responsibilities and obligations" and, although the suspension is now lifted, the English federation must pay a fine of CHF 5,000 (£3,400/€5,300/€4,000).

AIBA added that this would be waived if "the ABAE makes a public statement confirming that it (i) failed to comply with the AIBA statutes, bylaws and rules and (ii) it will adopt the required amendments to its articles of association and bylaws".

ABAE must now establish a Compliance Committee and has been given until October 8 to implement the recommended "governance changes" that will bring it into line with AIBA's regulations.

"Having imposed these sanctions, the Disciplinary Commission lifted the provisional suspension on the ABAE," read an AIBA statement.

"The ABAE and its boxers are free to compete in AIBA events."

It did, however, warn against further fines and sanctions should delays or objections hold up the "reform process".

An ABAE spokesperson said it is now working alongside AIBA to "reconcile the issues" by the deadline next month.

"Ensuring that English boxers at all levels are able to participate in international competitions has always been our number one priority from the start of this process so we welcome the proposed resolution of this dispute and look forward to our boxers once again being able to box as England in the near future," read a statement.

"We are now setting up a work programme, alongside AIBA, to reconcile the issues that have been raised in the findings and it is our intention to have the AIBA rules and statutes in place within the agreed timetable."

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