By Duncan Mackay

Haruki Uemura close upAugust 6 - A new President of the All Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) will be chosen at an Extraordinary Board meeting in Tokyo next week it has been announced.

Haruki Uemura last week announced that he would resign by the end of the August to take responsibility for the physical abuse of coaches and the misuse of funds.

The Government had given the Federation until the end of August to reorganise its management and the AJJF are expected to choose a replacement on August 14. 

AJJF vice-presidents Hiroaki Fujita and Nobuyuki Sato, secretary general Koshi Onozawa and chief secretariat Kiyoshi Murakami will also resign and replacements chosen.

The new President is expected to be brought in from outside the Federation to try to help clean up the sport and restore its image.

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