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171087451June 22 - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has delivered a national address appealing for calm and offering resolution as the country endured another night of violence which led to a woman dying due to tear gas inhalation, continuing to cast a long shadow over the Confederations Cup which is currently taking place in the country.

The woman, a 54-year-old cleaner, reportedly died in Belem after suffering from two heart attacks after inhaling tear gas, which has been used by police to disperse violent crowds across the country

This is the second death to occur during these protests, after an 18-year-old man was killed on Thursday (June 20) in Sao Paolo state after being hit by a car driven by a man attempting to disperse the 20,000-strong crowd.

Rousseff delivered the national addressas the widespread violence escalated, with over one million people now believed to have been involved in the protests across the country.

"If we make good use of the momentum brought by this new political energy, we can, in better and faster ways, achieve a lot of what Brazil has so far been unable to conquer because of political and economic constraints," she said.

"But if we allow violence to stray us from our path, not only will we be wasting a great historic opportunity, but we also run the risk of putting a lot to lose.

"The demonstrators have the right and the freedom to question and criticise everything; to propose and demand changes; to fight for better quality of life; to passionately defend their ideas and proposals.

"But they need to do so in a peaceful and orderly fashion."

171071736Demonstrations have turned increasingly violent in recent days, with two people losing their lives as a result

The ongoing protests over rising transport costs, the country's issues with corruption and the cost of hosting next year's FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, have become increasingly violent as hoards of protestors have clashed with police armed with rubber bullets, tear gas guns and pepper spray.

Eyewitnesses have also alleged that police used the riot control measures on peaceful protestors, which they deny, but have claimed they would investigate the allegations.

World football governing body FIFA moved to deny reports in local media that the Confederations Cup, a warm-up tournament for next year's World Cup, could be cancelled as the violence persists.

And President Rousseff offered reassurances to the protestors in her national address, calling for a peaceful conclusion to the demonstrations.

"We must harness the vigor of these demonstrations to produce more changes that benefit the whole of Brazil's population," she said.

"The voice of the streets must be heard and respected, and it cannot be drowned in the noise and the brutality of a few rioters.

171071735Police have denied using heavy-handed measures on peaceful demonstrators

"I am the President of all Brazilians; of those who are protesting and of those who are not.

"The direct message coming from the streets is peaceful and democratic.

"It demands a systematic fight against corruption and the embezzlement of public funds.

"Everyone knows me.

"This is a something I will never let go."

Protestors have made their voices heard that they believe that the reported $30 billion (£20 billion/€23 million) that hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games would cost the nation would be better spent on public services, such as education, healthcare and transport.

Bus and subway fares grew by six per cent earlier this month, but the Mayors of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, and Sao Paulo, Fernando Haddad, have since moved to rescind the increase following the demonstrations, though Haddad warned that not implementing the cost increase "will represent a big sacrifice and we will have to reduce investments in other areas".

170962687President Rousseff has called for the violence to end

Rousseff went on to announce that she will liaise with Government figures in an attempt to resolve the issues with public services, and identified a three-point plan of action for the meetings.

"Over the coming days, I will speak with the heads of the other government branches to join efforts," she said.

"I will invite the state governors and mayors of all major cities of the country to come together on a great pact for the improvement of public services.

"The focus will be threefold:

"First, the preparation of a National Urban Mobility Plan, which will emphasise public transportation.

"Second, the allocation of 100 per cent of the national oil proceeds for education.

"Third, immediately bringing thousands of doctors from overseas to expand the services provided under the Unified Healthcare System (the SUS)."

169826907The Maracana Stadium was revamped at a cost of around £350 million ($540 million/€410 million)- almost 50 percent over budget

She also welcomed leaders of peaceful protest groups and representations of other organisations that were involved in the demonstrations to meet with her to discuss their concerns.

"I am hereby announcing that I will receive the leaders of the peaceful demonstrations and the representatives of youth organisations, unions, labor movements and popular associations," said Rousseff.

"We need their contributions, thoughts and experience.

"We need their energy and creativity, their bet on the future, and their capacity to challenge the mistakes of the past and the present."

Rousseff assured that money spent on stadium construction for the 2014 World Cup would be recouped, and would not have a further detrimental impact on public services.

"With regard to the World Cup, I want to clarify that the federal money spent on the stadiums is in the form of financing that will be duly repaid by the companies and governments that are exploiting these stadiums," she said.

"I would never allow these funds to come out of the Federal public budget or to damage priority sectors such as health and education.

170626403Rousseff, pictured here with FIFA President Sepp Blatter, attended the first match of the 2013 Confederations Cup between Brazil and Japan last week

"In fact, we have strongly expanded spending in health and education, and we will expand it more and more.

"I trust that the National Congress will approve the bill I presented that ensures that all oil royalties are spent exclusively on education."

With Brazil, the most successful national team in world football, hosting the World Cup for the first time since 1950 next year, the President ended her speech by calling for a warm, traditional welcome for visiting fans when they hold the showpiece tournament.

"It is also imperative that I mention a very important topic that has to do with our Brazilian soul and our manners," she said.

"Brazil, the only country to have participated in every World Cup and a five-time world champion, has always been very well received everywhere.

"We must give our friends the same generous welcome we have received from them - with respect, love and joy.

"This is how we must treat our guests.

"Football and sport are symbols of peace and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

"Brazil deserves to, and will, host a great World Cup."

171074481Rousseff has stated that she will meet with leaders of peaceful protests and organisations

Despite the address from Rousseff, there is still believed to be potential for further unrest today as the Confederations Cup gets back underway after a one-day break.

Brazil take on Italy in Salvador later whilst Asian champions Japan face Mexico in Belo Horizonte in the following fixture, and there are also fears that more demonstrations could take place when the final takes place on June 30 at the Maracanã in Rio.

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