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Derek MappMay 28 - Derek Mapp has been forced to resign as British Amateur Boxing Association (BABA) chairman following an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in a move set to have far-reaching repercussions for the sport in the UK.

The EGM saw Ted Goreham, representing the Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE), James Thomas, the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association (WABA), and Kevin Bell, the Amateur Boxing Scotland (ABS), while the gathering came after the ABS put forward a resolution calling for remove of Mapp as chairman.

In the end, Mapp was forced to resign after both England and Scotland called for his removal, and only Wales voted to save him.

The move was hugely controversial given that the four independent directors on the BABA Board were not permitted to vote under the current regulations, but all four stated they would have voted to save Mapp if they had been able too.

In addition, ABAE chairman Richard Caborn would have voted to save Mapp but was blocked from doing so by the ABAE Board, who awarded both of their votes to Goreham ensure the removal of Mapp.

"The purpose of the BABA is to manage the Olympic boxing programme and win medals at major international competitions and in the last four years we have achieved unprecedented levels of success in delivering this," Mapp said.

"I find it astonishing that some people are actively trying to undermine this work and dismantle a model with a proven track record of delivering success.

"It is extremely disappointing that a small number of self-interested individuals have been allowed to pursue sectional interests and wield such a destructive level of influence over the WCPP (World Class Performance Programme) with absolutely no regard at all for what the BABA is set-up to achieve or the well-being and opportunities of the boxers whom the programme is there to serve."

Nicola AdamsBABA chairman Derek Mapp has been ousted from his position despite Team GB claiming five medals at London 2012, three of which were gold

The move comes despite Mapp overseeing Britain's success at the London 2012 Olympics, where Team GB topped the medal table with five medals, three of which were gold.

"We have overwhelmingly delivered on the public investment provided to boxing by UK Sport, yet there appear to be elements within the home nations that either resent the success of Great Britain or believe that the funding provided by UK Sport could be better allocated by themselves - even though it is awarded with the sole objective of winning medals which, under my Chairmanship, we have achieved," Mapp said.

"The grounds on which I have been removed are totally spurious to the extent that the motion presented by ABS even highlighted concerns about 'the process' relating to the appointment of independent directors even thought this 'process' took place nearly four years ago and with approval from the home nations and UK Sport.

"The fact that ABS has chosen to raise concerns about 'the process' nearly four years after it took place merely serves to reveal their true motives and highlight how farcical this situation is."

Mapp has reserved particular criticism for the ABAE.

"The reasons stated by Goreham on behalf of England are even more perplexing in that he stated his desire to see the BABA changed to become purely a selection body for any Olympics and that the BABA on behalf of the Home Nations should not be permitted to attend tournaments in between Olympic events," he said.

"No regard has been taken of the best interest of the boxers; this is about 'Blazers' hanging on to their power with total disregard for the athletes who were are supposed to be here to promote.

"I have absolutely no doubt that removing me as chairman is the first stage in an orchestrated campaign by the two home nations to destroy the BABA, irrespective of the damage it would cause and with absolutely no regard for the interests of the boxers, coaching and support staff that have done such a fantastic job over the last four years."

Richard-CabornABAE chairman Richard Caborn wanted to save Derek Mapp as BABA chairan but was blocked from voting by his own Board

UK Sport are said to be fustratrated by the move - to the point where they could now withdraw more than £10.4 million ($17.9 million/€12.8 million) of its funding set aside for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

"UK Sport has, for some time, been closely monitoring the relationship between BABA and the other home country boxing associations," said UK Sport chief executive Liz Nicholl in a statement.

"The priority must be to ensure that British boxers preparing for Rio are backed with world-class support.

"Sadly some of the Home Nation boxing representatives seems to have lost sight of this.

"With Derek Mapp's departure, there are now significant leadership risks to the World Class Programme, so UK Sport will take the steps necessary to improve the governance of boxing to ensure our elite athletes continue to be supported on their journey to world class success.

"With matters within BABA deteriorating to an unacceptable level, UK Sport, with unanimous approval from its Board, has issued BABA with an ultimatum to urgently address specific governance issues within the BABA Board.

"If these issues are not addressed by 10th June, UK Sport will re-direct investment from BABA and instead establish a Special Purpose Vehicle through which funding of the Boxing World Class Performance Programme will flow in order to protect our elite athletes, until such time as these issues are resolved and we have the confidence to return the programme to the recognised British body.

"I would like to thank Derek for embracing the challenge of leading the British programme over its most successful period and achieving such outstanding results."

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) are also understood to be furious with the removal of Mapp after being informed of his removal by the former BABA chairman himself.

They are set to deliver a stern warning to British boxing in an episode that looks to have only just begun.

"Despite my removal, I am confident this will be the case as UK Sport is fully aware of the situation," Mapp said.

"It recognises the harmful actions of ABS and the ABAE and understands that the high-performance-system we have built in my time at BABA is the best way of continuing to deliver medal winning performances from Britain's best boxers.

"ABS and ABAE may believe they have won the battle, but the reality is they will lose the war and I am confident that as long as UK Sport continues to invest in the system we have created then we can look forward to more success by British boxers and build on the platform we have created over the last four years."

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