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Raffaele Chiulli 240513May 24 - Raffaele Chiulli, who is running for Presidency of the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF), has claimed a renewed emphasis on transparency, fairness and loyalty is what is needed to take the organisation in the right direction.

In an exclusive interview with insidethegames, the International Powerboating Union (UIM) President (pictured top) warned that the representative body for International Olympic Committee recognised international sports federations - what he calls "one of the pillars to the Olympic Movement" - is at "a crossroads" but insisted it will succeed.

"Much has been accomplished during the last years but I cannot remember a time in my long tenure at the ARISF when we have been faced with so many challenges that touch the very soul of our institution," the Italian explained.

"Today, the ARISF is at a crossroads and the choices we make will determine the future of our association and of our sports.

"It is crucial that we get this right.

"By working together openly and in a collective spirit of good faith we can and will succeed.

"If I am elected, it will be my pledge to you to work diligently to making the ARISF relevant to all its stakeholders - International Federations, SportAccord, IOC and others - so that our chosen direction carries with it the weight and force of all our members.

"This can be achieved by a renewed emphasis on certain fundamental values such as transparency, fairness, due process and loyalty to our institution."

Raffaele Chiulli 240513131Raffaele Chiulli is President of the International Powerboating Union

Chiulli outlined his vision for the future of ARISF noting that his mission is to stay loyal to its "traditions, values and founding principles", while positioning "ARISF as one of the leading worldwide sport associations".

He also insisted that the body must play a key role in helping its 32 member federations "in their quest for inclusion in the Olympic events".

"ARISF needs to be the true link between all the IOC recognised International Federations, pursuing its members collective direction through a democratically inspired decision making process," his manifesto read.

"The ARISF, as an institution, should diligently serve its members with integrity and transparency."

As well as using the SportAccord International Convention to "protect members as worldwide sport representatives", Chiulli also explains that he wants to establish an "ARISF Convention to breed a new value proposition, renew the corporate image and allow ARISF to work closely with the IF's for the revitalisation of our sports".

He also stressed that ARISF has the opportunity to develop its profile as a sport governing organisation and promises to "energetically promote" the body to position it as a leading sport authority with the full recognition of influential international bodies, including the IOC and SportAccord.

Chiulli is up against World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) President Carlos Freitag in the race to replace Jan Fransoo as the President of ARISF.

The new President will be elected next Monday (May 27) during ARISF's Annual General Meeting, which is being held in conjunction with the SportAccord International Convention in St Petersburg.

Read his election manifesto here.

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