By Tom Degun

ICSSMay 14 - The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) have backed a universal approach to combat irregular and illegal gambling by calling on leading organisations in sport and betting to develop a multinational, multi-agency approach to monitor the problem.

The call from the ICSS coincides with the Founding Working Group (FWG), set up and chaired by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge, calling for universal monitoring system to fight irregular and illegal betting.

The FWG called for a monitoring system based on the one in place during London 2012 that would be made available to the International Federations during major competitions to share information regarding suspicious betting activity.

Chris Eaton, director of sport integrity at ICSS, backed plans by claiming that sport bodies and betting organisations must cooperate to develop a multinational and multiagency approach to the monitoring of international betting in sport if they are to keep pace with emerging trends in organised crime.

"At an international level, fast and flexible preventative mechanisms must be integrated into international statutes, policy and regulations to keep pace with the criminals of today," said Eaton.

"The explosion of new innovations in betting and gaming through social media and the impact of live and in-play betting have created the 'perfect storm' for criminal organisations targeting sport.

"Unless sport bodies and betting organisations develop a multinational and multiagency approach, some organisations will not be able to keep pace with criminal activity in the future."

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