James Crook head and shouldersAs I pull up to an industrial estate in Coventry, the only sense I am getting is one of complete confusion as to whether I've actually arrived at the right location.

I walk into a unit and see that iconic London 2012 logo, surrounding by hundreds and hundreds of boxes, and I'm now fairly certain that I haven't made a mistake in my instructions.

It's a rather strange experience being in this externally-average storage unit filled to the rafters with cardboard boxes, as in fact, they contain unique pieces of Olympic and Paralympic history from last summer's Games, which will go on sale to the public this weekend.

IMAG0449A huge London 2012 logo which will be sold this weekend

As I poke and probe through the mountains of boxes, I'm absolutely captivated. Every single box seems to contain something that would make any Games enthusiast weak at the knees.

A hurdle used at the Olympic Stadium signed by Jessica Ennis, the umbrella's and costumes used by "Mary Poppins" in Danny Boyle's spectacularly British Opening Ceremony, lane markers used during the Paralympic Games, and even the nametags worn by the world's greatest athletes are all here.

But there's one particular item within these Aisles of Wonder that is particularly unique; the scarecrow used during the "Green and Pleasant Land" segment of the Opening Ceremony.

IMAG0491Equipment and props from the opening ceremony; the scarecrow and "punk head" are set to be highly coveted items at auction

And nine-time Paralympic gold medal-winning swimmer and London 2012 Director of Paralympic Integration Chris Holmes - who is on hand to talk me through the unique items on offer - also seems particularly fond of it as he poses next to it for a photographer, adorned with one of the bowler hats with the lightbulb attached to the top that became iconic in their own right during the Opening Ceremony.

"The scarecrow is awesome and iconic and brings back all those memories," he says.

"It's all quite emotional.

"It's phenomenal to have this stuff to sell off.

"Everyone remembers those great moments from the Games, from the Ceremonies, from the athletics, from the pool, it's fantastic that there are items that cover every element of the Games.

"People could get their hands on a lane marker from some of those world records that everybody witnessed, it's just brilliant"

IMAG0506Lane markers used at the Paralympic Games and a giant London 2012 Paralympics logo, with boxes of banners

From national flags that flew with pride over the course of the Games, Opening Ceremony costumes, signage for events and venues, used match equipment from tennis, boxing, football, athletics and everything in-between.

And you don't have to have a bank-breaking budget to own a piece of Games history.

"The fact that there's so many thousands of items where people can just get that piece of Games memorabilia, from the top end, like a torch which will be in the auction, right down to a little pin badge or a banner from the stadium, everything's just got that bit of Games magic," says Holmes.

"There are the little items like the drums, the umbrellas from that Ceremony, banners and stuff which were around the stadia, all those individual little items that made up the look and the feel and the magic of what the Games were, and we really wanted to enable people from right across the country to have the opportunity to own a little bit of that magic.

"What's great is that there's something across this for everybody

"There's the high-end items like the scarecrow and the torches, they could go for anything really when people get into the auction and realise that there's only one scarecrow, there's only a tiny number of torches, they could go to any figure really.

IMAG0471An Olympic Stadium hurdle signed by heptathlon gold medallist Jessica Ennis

"But it's great that there's something at every level,

"Whatever people's budgets are, there's something in this auction for them, so everyone can have a bit of Games magic and that's the important thing, we really wanted to try and make this stuff go as far and wide to everybody to everybody that wants to be connected and keep remembering those sunny sunny days last summer."

After inspecting the array of items in storage, I'm escorted to "the other side", where most of the items that are set to go under the hammer are stored.

And there will certainly be bidding wars aplenty, with items such as unique Olympic torches signed by Ben Ainslie, autographed Tom Daley swimming trunks, torchbearer uniforms signed by Sir Steve Redgrave and a cycling jersey signed by all eleven of Britain's track cycling gold medallists at London 2012.

London2012finalsale1A Team GB cycling jersey signed by all eleven of Britain's gold medal winning track cyclists, which will go to auction this weekend

"LOCOG are in a process of dissolution at the moment so all of this will go towards the overall LOCOG budget," explains Holmes

"So this is part of paying for the Games and every element that was involved in that, and when we get to the end of that process, if there are any profits, they'll be announced and the time and they will go into sport.

"We've also donated a lot of stuff alongside this to various charities, not least Chicken Shed who do so much good work in the theatre space with disabled and non-disabled kids and young people, so we wanted to make sure we were giving a decent amount of stuff to charity but also enabling members of the general public to get their hands on a bit of this."

To have the chance to own one of these magnificent pieces of Olympic and Paralympic history, you can go along to the main auction, which takes place at Coventry's Ricoh Arena from 11.30am on Saturday (April 27), when the particularly specialist items will be sold.

The general sale of equipment will run from 10am until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday (April 28), and London 2012 Gamesmakers with their Games accreditation present will be allowed early entrance from 9am on the Saturday to purchase items.

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