By Duncan Mackay

Pat McQuaid profileApril 11 - Pat McQuaid will face a crucial meeting tomorrow as he seeks a third term as President of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

He is looking to get the support of Cycling Ireland to nominate his candidature at a Board meeting in Dublin. 

McQuaid, first elected as UCI President in 2006, is due to speak to the Board before they make a decision.

Jaimie Fuller, the founder of Change Cycling Now, had also been hoping to address Cycling Ireland's Board members before they voted but his request has been turned down by the governing body's President, Rory Wyley.

McQuaid was President of the Irish Cycling Federation, as it was then known, between 1996 and 1999. 

"We have a farcical situation with Mr. McQuaid's Presidency and it needs to be brought to a conclusion," said Fuller.

"I reached out to the President of Cycling Ireland and requested a meeting and the response came back to me that he wasn't ready to meet with me, which was very disappointing."

Even if Cycling Ireland refuses to support McQuaid, whose creditability has been badly damaged by the Lance Armstrong scandal, he can still seek a nomination from the Swiss Cycling Federation as he is a resident in that country.

"If the Irish refuse to endorse him then he'll have to go through the back door through the Swiss federation - and I think that would be a huge blow to his credibility," said Fuller. 

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