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Gold-Coast-2018March 21 - New legislation has been passed by the Queensland Parliament to protect the identity of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games from marketing abuse, unauthorised use of branding and illegal product association with the event.

The Commonwealth Games Arrangements (Brand Protection) Amendment Bill will essentially help protect the branding and promotional rights of the official sponsors of the Games.

The new legislation comes as Gold Coast 2018 prepares to unveil the logo for their Commonwealth Games with a special community celebration at Surfers Paradise Beach on April 4.

"The 2018 Games emblem will be launched on April 4 and it is important that we have protection in place for it and other promotional tools as soon as possible," said Australia's Minister for the Commonwealth Games Jann Stuckey.

"Protection against ambush marketing by way of the unauthorised use of intellectual property is required years before an event such as a Commonwealth Games because emblems, slogans, mascots and the like are launched years before the event.

"There are other issues that will need to be dealt with in legislation prior to the Games, including ticket touting, ambush marketing by way of advertising close to venues, transport and security.

"Most of these issues do not require legislation this far out from the Games and will be dealt with at the appropriate time.

"My department is also in discussions with the Commonwealth Government about complementary national legislation for the Games."
jann-stuckeyAustralia’s Minister for the Commonwealth Games Jann Stuckey says new legislation will protect Gold Coast 2018 from ambush marketing

The new legislation bans the unauthorised use of specified references and images where the use is for commercial or promotional purposes, or would suggest a sponsorship-like arrangement with the Games.

It also bans conduct suggesting a sponsorship or affiliation with the Games that does not exist while it gives police the power to confiscate goods or advertising material displaying unauthorised references or images in or close to Games venues and other key sites.

"The Bill is designed to allow as much community ownership and celebration of the Games as possible, while not allowing the use of Games images or references in a way that would dilute the value to sponsors," said Stuckey.

"That could potentially compromise sponsorship revenue, which forms a sizeable chunk of the Games budget.

"The other main part of the overall package will be a suite of options for not-for-profit community uses, including a blanket authorisation that will allow low key use subject only to common sense guidelines.

"This Bill is another important step in our preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, creating a wonderful legacy for the Gold Coast and indeed for all of Queensland."

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