By James Crook

jenny-wallwork-2 4bcf1739949e8February 25 - Britain's leading female player Jenny Wallwork has announced her resignation from the GB Badminton programme in a sensational online rant after allegedly being given a "continue with the programme given to you or submit your resignation" ultimatum.

Wallwork did not clarify her plans for the future as she announced that she was leaving the programme, venting her anger in a scathing letter shared with followers on Twitter.

"No voice, no choice!" she wrote.

"It is with regret that at the age of 26 and entering the prime of my career I feel the necessity to submit my resignation from the GB Badminton Programme.

"As the most successful female player, with 42 caps and the highest world-ranked player over the last four years, I feel I have no voice or direction in the way my career is going and find myself in an impossible situation other than to remove myself from the World Class Performance Programme."

Scottish player and former partner of British men's doubles number one Chris Adcock, Imogen Bankier, also stepped down from the programme in October last year, criticising the programme in the process.

jenny wallworkJenny Wallwork (right) announced her resignation from the GB Badminton programme 

"I could not compromise with a GB programme in which I have no confidence." she said.

"It is an athletes' career and not the performance director's and an athlete should have a say in its direction.

"I know my dreams and aspirations were achievable, as my results and achievements so far will testify, but in my attempt to move forward in my development my views have been discounted.

"'Continue with the programme given to you or submit your resignation,' was an ultimatum recently given to me.

"I feel this indicates insecure, untrusting and incapable leadership and I am not prepared to be dictated to and therefore feel I am unable to continue with a programme in which I have no confidence.

"I am clearly not the first to resign and under the current regime and I suspect will not be the last."

GB Badminton said in a statement that they were disappointed with Wallwork's decision to resign, but also in her decision to announce it in the manner she did.

"Jenny's decision has taken us by surprise and we are disappointed with the manner in which she has chosen to communicate it," they said.

"We had discussed Jenny's programme and how it should look in considerable depth with her in the last couple of months and thought we were moving forward positively."

After a very underwhelming performance at the London 2012 Olympic Games from the British badminton team and strong criticism from British former world champion Gail Emms, the heat is certainly on for GB Badminton to succeed at Rio 2016.

"We have ongoing dialogue with all players regarding their individual programmes - for which many factors are taken into account - and remain confident in our processes," they said in the statement.

"The programme is moving towards Rio in great shape."

This is not the first time the outspoken Wallwork has caused controversy with her online antics.

She was also embroiled in a Twitter row with Bankier, who she was competing with for the single mixed double's place at London 2012, in February last year, over which the pair were forced to apologise.

Wallwork told her Glaswegian team-mate to "jog on back to Scotland" and criticised her injury record, after Bankier tweeted "Why can English people not serve?!" in an apparent dig at Wallwork.

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