By James Crook

Nuribi Gwangju 2015February 25 - Nuribi, the official mascot of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade, has been created to symbolise the core "EPIC" visions of the Games- Environmental, Peace, IT and Culture, it has been revealed.

The mascot's name takes the Korean word "Nuri", which means the world, and "bi" which means to fly, and represents the forward-thinking approach that South Korea is taking to ensure a successful Universiade, officials claim.

Nuribi also features the "Wings of Light" emblem, in which the blue wings represent the five great oceans with the and the red wings represent the six continents of the world, which overlap to signify the friendship and unity of the world's youth at the Universiade.

gwangjuGwangju 2015 mascot Nuribi has been created to encapsulate the key aims of the Universiade

The slogan for the Universiade, "Light Up Tomorrow", expresses Gwangju's ambition to illuminate the future for the world's youth.

It also draws upon South Korea's modern, high-tech infrastructure and signifies the city's intention to create momentum for sustainable development towards a better future, officials expalined.

Gwangju 2015 are currently promoting these ideals to raise awareness of the ambitions for the legacy of the Universiade, as well as planning to host, what they claim, will be a spectacular Games which will boost the reputation of the University Games and provide a platform for stars of the future to emerge.

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