By James Crook

ANTA 114270134890January 26 - Chinese sportswear company ANTA have extended their partnership with the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) until 2016.

ANTA, founded in 1994, have been Sportswear Partner of the COC since 2009, providing sportswear to Chinese athletes.

James Zheng, executive director of ANTA Sports and brand President of ANTA, said: "The successful extension of our partnership with the COC is a cornerstone of ANTA's brand strategy in future which will allow us to maintain our business strategy development in the mid-to-long term.

"Meanwhile, ANTA, as a leading sportswear brand in China, will endeavour to promote the development of sports in China during the partnership period.

ANTACOCChinese sportswear brand ANTA have extended their partnership with the COC until 2016

"We will continue to join hands with the COC to promote the development of Olympic sports, culture and charitable work in China as we sponsor the Olympic Day Run and encourage participation in the National Fitness Day and Olympic athletes' charitable activities."

ANTA will set a four-year Olympic Plan for ANTA Sports and the COC, looking at new designs and technology to benefit athletes.

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