By Duncan Mackay 

Spain intellectually_disabled_athletes_celebrate_gold_medal_Sydney_2000October 30 - One of the most controversial episodes in the history of the Paralympic Movement, when Spain were discovered to have fielded a squad of basketball players pretending to be intellectually disabled, has been turned into a theatre production. 

Gold Run tells how at Sydney in 2000, the Spanish basketball team fielded a largely non-learning disabled athletes which led to intellectually disabled athletes being excluded from the Paralympics for 12 years until they were readmitted at London earlier this year. 

The production features The Carousel Singers, a 30-strong choir conducted by James Redwood, whose chorus of singing athletes convey the highs and lows of the story.

There are also original film sequences produced by Oska Brighton Film Makers, and a giant sculptural head, designed and created by artist James Lake.

The production premiered at the Glyndebourne Festival in April and was later performed at this year's Brighton Festival.

The Carousel Singers also performed at Brighton and Hove's Olympic Torch event in July.

It is due to be performed at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester tonight.

Gold Run_performed_at_Brighton_FestivalGold Run features a 30-strong choir, original films and a giant sculptural head

"This powerful new production is a collaborative arts project supported by Glyndebourne's visionary education department and delivered in conjunction with renowned disability arts organisation Carousel and Pallant House Gallery, the home of Modern Art in the south," said a spokesman for the theatre company.

"Specially-commissioned films are projected onto screens to illustrate the fast-paced sporting action and artistically.

"The cast and creative team behind the project include both learning disabled and disabled artists working alongside able bodied and non-learning-disabled individuals."

The Spanish players went to great lengths in Sydney to conceal their deception - growing beards and wearing bobble hats off the court, in the hope that they would not be found out.

They won gold, but one player - an undercover journalist - unmasked the deception and they were stripped of their medals as well as the intellectually disabled category being forced out of the Games for Athens in 2004 and Beijing 2008.

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