By Mike Rowbottom

Mark Schubert_11-10-12October 11 - Former United States Olympic swimming coach Mark Schubert, in a court filing on Tuesday (October 9), denied allegations he concealed information about a sexually abusive coach or hired a private investigator to follow another US national team coach he said he suspected of having an inappropriate relationship with a female swimmer.

The Orange County Register reports that in the filing in Orange County Superior Court, Richard J Foster, Schubert's attorney, challenged the allegations and the legal grounds of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed against Schubert and the Golden West Swim Club last month by Dia Rianda, a former club employee and long-time USA Swimming benefactor.

Rianda's lawsuit, Foster wrote in the filing, "is replete with distortions and lies".

Rianda, in her lawsuit, said she was fired from her position as a coach and administrator at Golden West after repeatedly raising concerns about alleged inappropriate behaviour by Golden West assistant coach Bill Jewell with young female swimmers.

Jewell, a former University of Southern California (USC) assistant coach under Schubert (pictured top), is under investigation by USA Swimming, the sport's national governing body, for alleged inappropriate behaviour while coaching at the Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team (FAST) and later at Golden West.

Golden West was aware of the investigation when Jewell was hired, USA Swimming said.

"All conduct of which Schubert was aware was in open view," Foster wrote in the filing.

"While Jewell may have touched some swimmers, all such touchings were also in open view, in the act of coaching and in line with USA Swimming's guidelines."

Golden West_Swim_Club_in_southern_California_where_a_coach_was_being_investigated_by_USA_SwimmingDia Rianda is said to have been fired by the Golden West Swim Club "for legitimate reasons"

Rianda, a Northern California swim coach, said Schubert hired her in July 2011 to help him run the Golden West club.

In addition to coaching age group and masters training groups, Rianda said she helped operate a swim camp, set up the club's website and database and helped create a business plan for the club.

Rianda, Foster wrote, was fired "for legitimate reasons", alleging she was uncooperative with the club's board of directors, was a "substandard" coach, and was disruptive and rude.

Rianda alleges in her lawsuit that Schubert, while coaching at the University of Texas in the 1980s, was told by one of his swimmers that she had been sexually abused by her Washington DC area club coach, Rick Curl, between the ages of 11 and 17.

Schubert did not report the abuse allegations to USA Swimming officials or law enforcement at the time, Rianda alleges.

Years later, Schubert reported the allegations against Curl to USA Swimming executives, Rianda said in her suit.

Curl was banned from the sport for life by USA Swimming last month.

The claim, Foster wrote, "that Schubert concealed this information is patently false".

Schubert also denies charges by Rianda that he hired a private investigator in 2009 to try to secure incriminating photographs and video of Sean Hutchison, a rising star in coaching ranks, in intimate situations with a young adult female swimmer Hutchison coached.

Sean Hutchison_11-10-12Schubert is alleged to have hired a private investigator to follow Sean Hutchison

The suit alleges that Schubert used information about Hutchison in reaching a confidential financial settlement with USA Swimming following his 2009 dismissal as national team director.

USA Swimming later cleared Hutchison of any wrongdoing.

Rianda, Foster wrote, "alleges that Schubert discovered that a colleague of his, Sean Hutchison, was engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of the swimmers Hutchison was coaching, and that Schubert hired a private investigator, who secured photographic evidence which depicted Hutchison acting intimately with that swimmer.

"Plaintiff accuses Schubert of holding on to this evidence for his own personal gain instead of turning it over to the authorities.

"None of this is true.

"Schubert never hired a private investigator and never had any evidence that Hutchison had an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of his swimmers.

"Plaintiff's allegations are simply false."

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