By David Gold

Sledge hockey_officials_seminarSeptember 22 - South Korea has offered officials involved in the 2013 World Ice Sledge Hockey Championships and the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games a seminar to help develop the sport in the country.

There were 10 participants in the seminar, which took place at the Gwang-woon University Ice Rink in Seoul.

The seminar was aimed at helping develop officiating of ice sledge hockey ahead of the World Championships the country will be hosting in Goyang City next April.

South Korea is also hosting the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

Scott MacDonald, head of technical control and officiating for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Ice Sledge Hockey Sport Technical Committee, led the seminar along with international referee Paul Boese.

Focus was put on the skill set officials require to officiate at the two major events, including watching national games and taking part in on-ice sessions.

Ice sledge hockey is a sport which South Korea has made significant strides in of late.

Last year South Korea won their first ever silver medal at the World Championships in Hamar, Norway.

That has led to an increase in the resources being placed into the sport in the build up to next year's tournament and the 2018 Paralympic Games.

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