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Do You Know… has a section dedicated to boxing?

do-you-know has a section dedicated to all things boxing, sponsored by the International Boxing Association?

Read all the latest boxing news.

Take a trip through the history of boxing and AIBA.

Get the #Headsup! on AIBA’s great initiative aimed at protecting their boxers.

Want to find out more about Women’s Boxing? Click here.

Visit the AIBA TV section to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action.

Learn all about AIBA Pro boxing and World Series of Boxing, and the different competition formats in the Championships section.

All from your favourite website

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Do You Know it's the final WKF Karate1 Premier League event of the season?

do-you-know will be reporting on the final WKF Karate1 Premier League event of the year and the season, happening this weekend in Okinawa, Japan.
Taking place on October 1st and 2nd, this is the culmination of a year of intense and exciting kumite and kata competition.
Visit our Karate News section for updates and to find out the overall winner in each category.
Look out for news of the WKF 2016 World Championships on the Karate Events section.
Keep an eye on the Karate Calendar to make sure you don’t miss any karate events.
Catch-up on any action you miss on Karate TV.
Get all the event information you need right at your fingertips and download the Karate App for Android.
All on your favourite website
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Do You Know we are running a Live Blog from the Paralympic Games?

do-you-know is running a Live Blog from the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games?

Running for the duration of competition, our Paralympics team, led by our reporters in Rio, bring you the latest news, photos, tweets and anecdotes, plus our results and medals tables.
Click-through to the Live Blog from the homepage or Paralympics section for regular updates, and pictures of the action from Rio and to post your comments.
It updates automatically, so no need to worry about refreshing your page.
Confused about Paralympic Classifications? We’ve explained it in our Impairments and Classifications section.
With our dedicated Paralympics section, we are the only publication in the world that reports on the Paralympic Movement every day of the year.
Find out ALL the news on the sports on the Summer and Winter Paralympic programme.
Read the latest news on the Paralympics at Pyeongchang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.
Stay up-to-date and follow our Paralympics section every day.
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Do You Know the WKF Karate 1 Premier League is hotting up this weekend?


Image title…the next stage of the Karate 1 Premier League is happening this weekend in Rabat, Morocco?

This premier WKF event promises two days of electric world-class kata and kumite competition from some of the best karateka on the planet. 

Image titleKeep up-to-date with ALL Karate News here.

Watch the latest Karate TV NOW!

See the Karate Calendar for information on all Karate 1 Premier League and WKF events.

Download the Karate App for Android to keep in-the-loop.

All on your favourite website

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Do You Know it's the FINAL IJF World Series Grand Prix Rio 2016 qualifier in Almaty this weekend?


...the fifth Grand Prix of the IJF World Judo Tour 2016, the final Grand Prix in the Rio 2016 Olympic qualification phase, is happening this weekend in Almaty, Kazakhstan?

Taking place from May 13-15 in the Sport Palace Baluan Sholak, there will be intense competition with many of the world’s best judokas fighting for their place at Rio 2016.

Follow the event on twitter at #JudoAlmaty2016.

Image titleRead the latest Judo News here.

Click here to watch the action LIVE on our Judo TV section.

Learn about the judo greats in the Judo Hall of Fame.

See the latest Judo Heroes here.

Keep up-to-date with the LIVE results from Almaty and all the IJF World Judo Tour events here.

All on your favourite Olympic news website

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Do You Know The Magazine Spring Edition is ready to read NOW online?


... The Magazine Spring Edition is available to read NOW.

The first of three Editions to be released this year, the Spring Magazine has a focus on the past turbulent year for sport.

You can read this and ALL previous publications online here.

Keep an eye out for our Summer Edition which will be published in July.

If you’d like to be involved in our Award-Winning Magazines, contact us here.

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Do You Know we have a NEW Women’s Boxing Section on


… we have a NEW Section devoted to Women’s Boxing sponsored by AIBA.

Image titleVisit the Section to find out all the information on the up-coming Women’s Championships taking place from May 19 to 27 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Learn about the History of Women’s Boxing.

Watch Women’s Boxing Videos.

Don’t forget… you can get ALL the latest Boxing News on our dedicated Boxing Section.

Visit AIBA Boxing to find out about the various competition formats.

Click here to read-up on the AIBA Championships.

Follow #HeadsUp! to see the fantastic work to help prevent concussions and cuts.

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Do You Know the Taekwondo 2016 Magazine is available NOW to read on


…the 2016 edition Taekwondo Magazine is available NOW to read on

Featuring fantastic photos and articles, this impressive magazine provides an overview of World Taekwondo Federation achievements over the past year.

Read previous editions of the WTF Magazine here.

Visit the Taekwondo Section sponsored by WTF to catch up on ALL the latest Taekwondo News.

Put the Athletes under the Spotlight and visit their dedicated page.

Click-through to discover more about the inspirational Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation.

We also have an entire sub-section dedicated to Para–Taekwondo News and Athletes Spotlight.

All this on your favourite Olympic news website

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Image titleImage title

Do You Know will be covering the latest step in weightlifting qualification for Rio 2016?


Weightlifting will be in Norway covering the European Weightlifting Championships?

Taking place from April 10 to 16, this exciting event is crucial for Rio 2016 qualification.

Follow the latest weightlifting news on

Learn about the Competitions and The Two Lifts on our dedicated weightlifting section.

Watch the “Lift The World” film to see the real power of weightlifting.

Learn about the inspirational Development and Education initiatives from around the world.

Follow IWF activities on IWF TV and Social Media.

All from your favourite website


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Have you seen our fantastic new weightlifting section?


…We have a brand new weightlifting section powered by the International Weightlifting Federation?

Image title


You can read the most up-to-date and breaking independent weightlifting news, as you would expect from the world’s No.1 Olympics news website,

Lift The World

Watch the innovative weightlifting film “Lift The World” which tells the story of the modern sport of weightlifting.


Learn about the competitions which take the lifters through to Olympic qualification.

The Two Lifts

Understand The Two Lifts, so you too can enjoy the excitement of weightlifting competition.

IWF Social Media

Click-through to the IWF Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Weightlifting Section

Take a look at our brilliant timeline and read about the great moments of weightlifting from its origins in the Olympics to the present day.

Development and Education

Learn about IWF Development and Education, where National, Regional and Continental Federations can apply for funding to run weightlifting programmes throughout the world. Case Studies show how best practise and regulations help lifters across the globe to become world class in their category.

All without leaving your favourite website,

Weightlifting section menu

Do You Know about the great work of World Taekwondo Federation?


… about our section dedicated to taekwondo sponsored by the World Taekwondo Federation?

Read the stories of the great taekwondo players in our Athlete Spotlight.

THF LogoLearn about the remarkable project to help refugees worldwide - the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation – which has recently been launched in Nepal and is led by WTF President Dr Chungwon Choue personally.

As well as news of taekwondo, you can read all the news of Para-Taekwondo and learn the fascinating stories of the Para-Taekwondo Athletes.

You can also watch Taekwondo TV to catch-up on the 2015 WTF highlights film and the 2015 WTF Gala.

Contact us

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from the World Taekwondo Federation on your taekwondo favourite website

Taekwondo Section

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Do You Know it is the Karate Junior & Cadet & U21 Championships this weekend?


…the 43rd EKF Junior & Cadet and 8th U21 Karate Championships are happening this week?

WKF Logo Taking place over 3 days from Friday February 5, in Limassol, Cyprus, there will be an electric atmosphere of intense Kata and Kumite competition.

Bringing together the best of Junior, Cadet and U21 karatekas from across Europe, your favourite website,, will have all the latest Karate News.

Watch Karate TV here.

Keep an eye on other exciting upcoming Karate Events.

Want to know more? Download the Karate App for Android.

U21 Karate Championships

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Do You Know... about our wrestling section?

do-you-know Wrestling Section...about our dedicated wrestling section sponsored by United World Wrestling?

Keep up-to-date with all the latest wrestling news.

Click here to discover the remarkable journey of United World Wrestling since its very first recording.

Learn more about Greco-Roman and Freestyle Olympic Disciplines here.

Don’t miss out! Check for all upcoming Tournaments and Championships.

WrestlingWatch the action LIVE or catch-up on the most exciting moments on UWW TV.

Keep at the forefront of all wrestling news by visiting your favourite website

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Do You Know about the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation?

Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation Logodo-you-know

… you can read all the latest news about the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation on our dedicated taekwondo section?

World Taekwondo Federation President Dr Chungwon ChoueThis initiative, developed by World Taekwondo Federation President Dr Chungwon Choue, aims to improve the lives and prospects of refugees worldwide through the provision of training in the principles and practice of taekwondo.

With over 60 million refugees worldwide, this foundation aims to support positive change in the world through sport. You can learn more here.

The first of two pilots have recently launched in Zaatari, Jordan. You can read the story here.

Read all about the Taekwondo Peace Corps another WTF initiative aimed at helping the world through taekwondo.

Nick Butler is currently reporting LIVE from Mexico City where the final Grand Prix of the season took place over the weekend.

Read the latest news from the WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships taking place NOW on your favourite website,

Don’t forget… we are first for all the latest Taekwondo News, Taekwondo TV and Taekwondo Events.

Got news on taekwondo? Send it to our dedicated email [email protected].

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